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Dr Sushma Kumari

Livestock Products Technology

Bihar Veterinary College

Dr Sushma Kumari is currently serving as Assistant Professor in the Department of Livestock Products Technology at Bihar Veterinary College, India. She has a PhD in Livestock Products Technology (Animal Sciences) from West Bengal University of Animal and Fisheries Sciences, India.

From 2005 to 2007 she worked as Touring Veterinary Officer under Government of Bihar, India. Since 2007, she has been working at Bihar Animal Sciences University, and has around 10 years experience of teaching, research and extension activities in both meat science and dairy science.

The main area of Sushma's research concentrates on value added milk and meat products preparation, milk by-product utilization and slaughter house waste management. From time to time, she provides training to butchers for the hygienic production of meat and also trains farmers and rural women for self-employment and entrepreneurship development towards milk and meat processing and product preparation. She has two research works that are currently under the patent process in India.

Sushma is the author of six laboratory manuals, and has published 25 research articles and 10 technical articles in national and international journals.