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Dr Surya Singh


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr Surya Singh is currently working as a post-doctoral associate in the Laser Biomedical Research Center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. He received his PhD in life sciences from Tata Memorial Center, India, in 2014. He spent one year as a post-doctoral researcher at SIB Labs at the University of Eastern Finland, before moving to MIT in 2016 to further his post-doctoral research.

His research interests involve bridging spectroscopy and label-free imaging for biomedical applications. He is using different vibrational spectroscopic and imaging techniques to obtain biochemical signatures that can reveal information about a disease. If successfully employed these methods can help clinicians in early disease diagnosis and therapy monitoring. During his PhD he worked on developing a novel fiber-optic Raman spectroscope for noninvasive diagnosis of oral cancers. For the first time he demonstrated successful acquisition and discrimination of in vivo Raman spectra in clinically implementable time.

During his first post-doctoral training in Finland he worked on developing different imaging modalities such as infra-red, multispectral fluorescence and nuclear magnetic resonance for biomedical applications. His current research involves developing transcutaneous Raman spectroscopic sensor for monitoring blood glucose and other analytes. He has published more than 25 research articles including a book on spectroscopic applications in oral cancers. He serves as an international referee for several journals, and he is also a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, SPIE and CLIRSPEC.