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Dr Sunil Pathak


Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Dr Sunil Pathak is currently working as a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering Technology at Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia. He obtained his PhD in Advanced Manufacturing from the Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India.

He is specialized in gear engineering and advanced and hybrid manufacturing processes. He has been working in the field of gear engineering for the last seven years and advanced manufacturing for the last five years, and has conducted extensive research on the advanced finishing of gears. He possesses specialized skills in gear finishing, gear metrology (micro, and macro-geometry) and the measurement of gear accuracy.

Recently he has been working on the machining of difficult-to-machine materials using advanced machining processes such as EDM and WEDM. He is also working on developing cold spray coatings as a sustainable process for the manufacturing of 3D additive manufacturing components and repair/remanufacturing engineering, where he has gained particular experience in materials and remanufacturing engineering. Sunil also has expertise in developing analytical models of manufacturing processes and optimizing parameters to achieve overall sustainability in manufacturing.

In recent years, he has published research articles on the development of mathematical models for the finishing of straight bevel gears and the development of the cold spray process as a possible 3D additive manufacturing process. He is a recognized reviewer for many international journals in the field of advanced and sustainable manufacturing, and is actively involved in various sponsored research projects on advanced manufacturing processes.