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Steven Albrecht

Investment Management

Investment Strategy Network

Steven Albrecht has been managing investment portfolios for nearly three decades. Clients have ranged from private individuals, families and their foundations to large institutions and their respective retirement programs. He has created and managed: active portfolios, income-focused portfolios, tax-efficient portfolios, index funds, exchange-traded securities and mutual funds.

Throughout the years, Steven has blended investment management with technology and statistics. This style was developed as a combination of two careers; one career in information technology and another in investment management. After college, he developed a career in the global information technology industry and brought those skills to an investment management career. He is currently a partner at Investment Strategy Network, a research group focused on how the economy impacts stock fair values.

Steven has been the CEO of a successful investment management and a trust company with assets reaching above $20 billion. He is the associate editor of the Journal of Private Wealth Management, former editor of Understanding Investments, and the former host of 'Money Basics', a daily investment news radio program in the New England market. He is currently and has served on the boards of both family and private charitable foundations.

He received his undergraduate degree from Purdue University, USA, and Master's degree from the University of Alabama, USA.