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Professor Simon Coke

International Business

University of Edinburgh

Simon Coke is Professor Emeritus (retired) at the University of Edinburgh, where he held the first Professor of International Business role. An early innovator in the field of international business and commerce, he conceived and co-founded the university’s first Management School (now Edinburgh Business School) and was Dean of the Scottish Business School, Glasgow University. Simon was on the Board of Edinburgh University Press in the 1970s, where he applied his commitment to academic excellence with a pioneering approach that recognised the press as a commercial enterprise as well.

In Simon’s early career he held senior managerial and board level roles in multi-national corporations, including Beechams and Johnson & Johnson, in Europe, the Middle East and Japan. His expertise in the impact of culture on international business practice, led to a number of UK governmental advisory positions, working in Peru, Columbia, Indonesia, Portugal for aid initiatives. In parallel with his academic career, he maintained an active interest in domestic and international business practices, sitting on the board of three investment trusts and holding a number of non-executive board-level positions following retirement.

Simon is a passionate collector of a large number of French 18th century Rococo illustrated books.