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Dr Silvio D'Onofrio

Social History

University of São Paulo

Silvio Tamaso D'Onofrio holds a Doctor of Science in Social History (2017) from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. He is the coordinator of the research group REGIONEM - Regional Multidisciplinary Studies, he is also member of the research group “Nucleus of Studies of Epistolography”, of the Institute of Brazilian Studies, at the University of São Paulo. He has been teaching in higher education since 2015, and nowadays he is an Associate Professor at a private institution in Brazil. 

His Master's project carried out an exhaustive survey of documentation linked to the intellectual trajectory of a renowned writer, journalist and publisher in Brazil. It used oral history concepts to conduct the various interviews undertaken and also a database to assist in the manipulation of handwritten correspondence.

His Doctoral research contributed to the understanding of the spaces of action of young intellectuals in times of dictatorial political regime, through the analysis of a social collective based around 1940's journalists and critics of the arts. Using state-of-the-art computerized resources, it attempts to investigate the extent to which cross-referencing a large amount of information can be indicative of social meanderings. Additionally, it analyses the symbol initiative of the group, a cultural weekly.

Born and raised in Brazil, the years of college have led Silvio D'Onofrio to Literary and Linguistic studies through which he has been able to have contact with various languages and cultures. With this he acted as proofreader of periodicals and books. In his graduate studies he also approached other sciences, especially History and Archives - at this segment, his research helped in the constitution of a Public Archive in a State University.

This set of activities also helped him to become a columnist specialized in Culture in a printed weekly and a member of editorial committees of academic journals of international level.