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Dr Shinya Tajima


St. Marianna University

After graduating from Keio University School of Medicine, Japan, Shinya Tajima was employed as a member of staff in the Department of Pathology at the same institution, where he studied pathological anatomy and diagnostic pathology. After two years, he moved to the Department of Radiology at St. Marianna University School of Medicine, Japan, to study breast imaging. He has made a number of scientific presentations on the radio-pathological correlation of the breast at domestic and international congresses.

Shinya studied at St. Marianna University Graduate School of Medicine for four years. Having completed his PhD in radiolo-pathology, he is now doing research into the comparison of pathologic features and radiologic imaging findings. He also puts his pathological knowledge into practice as a meber of staff in St. Marianna University School of Medicine's Department of Pathology and Radiology. His current research interests include breast diagnostic pathology, breast radiologic pathology and autopsy imaging.