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Dr Shabuddin Shaik


Hunan Agricultural University

Dr Shabuddin Shaik was invited to become Postdoctoral Researcher/Scientist at Hunan Agricultural University, China, after receiving his PhD in Animal Taxonomy in 2017. He is currently devoted to the biospeleological studies of cave micro-crustaceans of China. He is also the only taxonomic editor from India for Bathynellacea (Arthropoda: Crustacea) in the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS).

Shabuddin's research interests include systematics, phylogeny and biogeography of cavernicolous microcrustaceans. His pioneering work on the morpho-taxonomy of the cave dwelling micro-crustaceans, and his acclaimed publications of several new species in reputed peer-reviewed periodicals, has made a major contribution to the knowledge of Indian biospeleology. Before him, there were no serious and long-lasting attempts to study the cave fauna of India.

While some Indian zoologists were not even aware of the existence of animal diversity in caves, Shabuddin has been publishing phylogenetically and biogeographically significant results of his taxonomic investigations on several crustacean groups. His specific studies on paragnaths in habrobathynellids and atopobathynellids groups of crustaceans have also been well noted for their knowledge on taxonomy and systematics.

Despite his young age, Shabuddin also collaborated with Professor George D. F. Wilson of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, USA, during the discovery of a new isopod taxon that merited recognition of a species and was published as “Andhracoides shabuddin” in his honour. He has authored 10 research papers, all of them published in peer-reviewed Science Citation Index journals.

Shabuddin also undertook the challenging task of exploring Indian cave habitats and discovered a whole new world. In all, he has discovered about 40 new species, including five new genera in different parts of the country