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Dr Samah Abd Elrahim Batran

Molecular Biology

University of Khartoum

Dr Samah Abd Elrahim Batran Ali obtained her BSc and MSc degrees in histopathology and cytology from the Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences at the University of Khartoum, Sudan. Her PhD in biomedical science and biotechnology was obtained from the University of Ferrara, Italy. She is currently a lecturer in the University of Khartoum's Department of Histopathology and Cytology.

Her work includes teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students of histopathology and cytology, and supervising them in their research projects. Her research interests include working in the fields of histopathology and cytology, including histochemical staining techniques and their diagnostic applications, and studying pathological changes due to infectious disease and/or any infectious agents (parasite, bacteria, etc.).

In addition, she is interested in the intervention of new natural stains to demonstrate different tissue structures, as well as the diagnosis of cancer and its differentiation using different histological and biochemical techniques. She has previously worked in the area of placental Malaria, and she is very interested in the effect(s) of air pollutants on different body organs (especially the brain) from biochemical and behavioural points of views.