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Professor Salvador García-Ayllón Veintimilla

Urban Planning

Technical University of Cartagena

Professor Salvador García-Ayllón Veintimilla is responsible for the subjects of urban planning and infrastructure planning in the Civil Engineering School at the Technical University of Cartagena, Spain, and is Visiting Professor at the universities of Madrid and Mexico FD.

In the scientific field, he has authored 25 research articles and 15 books and book chapters published by international publishing houses. He is a member of four European research projects, several scientific committees from international conferences and director of several doctoral theses in Spain.

In the professional field, Salvador has held the positions of technical coordinator of the reconstruction works of the city of Lorca, financed by the European Infrastructure Bank after the earthquake of 2011 (2012-2015), and General Director of Transport, Coasts and Ports of the government of the Region of Murcia (2015-2017), among others.

Salvador is an elected member of the governing board of the Professional College of Civil Engineers and the Professional Ethics Committee of the College of Architects of Spain. He has authored more than 50 urban projects related to architecture and civil engineering. He is also the coordinator of the Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) of the Mar Menor granted to Spain by the European Commission.

His research interests cover urban studies, infrastructure planning and coastal management.