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Dr Ali Salami

Shakespeare Studies

University of Tehran

Ali Salami, PhD, is a Shakespearean, Qur'anologist, lexicographer, human rights activist and Assistant Professor of English literature and Translation Studies at the University of Tehran, Iran. An internationally published author, Ali has written extensively on gender and discourse, Shakespeare and postcolonial literature. He is the author of Shakespeare and the Reader (2013), A Study of Thirty Great Novels (2003) and A Study of Thirty Great Plays (2005), and is the editor of Culture-Blind Shakespeare (2015) and Fundamental Shakespeare (2015).

A prolific writer, Ali has written hundreds of articles on political discourse for different international journals. Some of his writings have been translated into 20 languages. Besides having linguistic skills in five languages (fluent in three), he has strong cultural and legal expertise in human rights. For years, he has worked with numerous international human rights organizations and given them advice and consultation, and has held a number of legal and human rights workshops at the UN Headquarters in Geneva.

In his capacity as a translator, he has translated six volumes of Persian poetry into English and is currently translating all of Shakespeare’s works into Persian. His 21st century translation of The Magnificent Qur'an was published by Leilah Publications in the USA. He can be reached at