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Dr Salah Ud-Din Khan

Nuclear Engineering

King Saud University

Dr Salah Ud-Din Khan is currently working in the capacity of Assistant Professor in the Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET) Center at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. He has gained high achievements in the field of nuclear reactor safety while conducting a handsome amount of work on NK/TH coupling and in reactor core design. His work on designing and the simulation of reactor technology has been published in highly reputed journals. He has modified simulation codes to be employed in nuclear reactor analysis.

His area of research extends to desalination, cost estimation concepts, probabilistic safety assessments, radiological protection, nuclear forensics, radiation-shielding materials, computational techniques for synthesizes and development of materials. He has run projects on small modular nuclear reactors, material development and desalination systems.

Salah is on the editorial board of the American Association for Science and Technology (AASCT) and acts as a guest editor for some journals as well. His tenure of experience ranges from Lecturer, Senior Researcher, Assistant Professor, and Visiting Scientist/Professor at reputed institutes and universities.

He has published around 100 international research articles with an accumulative impact factor of 110, and is also the author of three books and numerous book chapters. He has delivered a number of talks on international scientific platform and has been honored with being a guest/invited speaker.