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Dr Sajid Ali

Mathematical Physics

NUST University

Dr Sajid Ali is an Assistant Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at NUST University, Pakistan, where he has been serving as a faculty member since 2009. He finished his postdoctorate work at Brock University, Canada, in 2011 after completing his PhD in mathematical physics at NUST University in 2009. In his early career he focused on the study of symmetry algebras in differential equations, cosmology and general relativity. Over the last few years, he has used algebra and geometry in communication theory with notable publications in top IEE platforms, which include Transactions of Signal ProcessingSignal Processing Letters and Communication Letters. In mathematical physics, he won a highly competitive research award in 2017 from the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan, as a principal investigator. His professional activities include writing reviews for Mathematical Reviews, and he actively reviews articles in several mathematics journals.