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Robin McKie

Science Editor

The Observer

Robin McKie has been the Science Editor of the Observer since 1982. His stories have included breaking the news in February 1997 of the existence of Dolly the Sheep and outlining the details of the first human genome in 2001.

Robin has written a several popular science books, including ‘The Book of Man’ (with Sir Walter Bodmer), which was short-listed for the Rhone-Poulenc Science Book Award in 1993. He has won an annual ‘Association of British Science Writers’ award on three occasions. Other recent awards include winning the ‘Medical Journalists’ Association’ winter awards in January 2014 for a feature on cancer and zebra fish research, and being voted ‘Science and Technology Journalist of the Year’ in the UK Press Gazette Awards for 2013.

He was educated at the High School of Glasgow and at Glasgow University where he studied mathematics and psychology. He is married with children and lives in London.