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Professor Riccardo Calcagno


EMLYON Business School

Dr Riccardo Calcagno trained as a financial economist, and has been a Professor of Finance at EMLYON Business School, France, since 2011. He holds a PhD from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, and his dissertation focused on the efficiency of market prices under different market microstructure models.

His current research focuses on the applications of information economics to household finance and corporate finance. Specifically, his main research interests are related to financial literacy and the role played by financial advice; the efficiency of the market for corporate control and the problems inherent to the negotiation processes behind mergers and acquisitions; and the design of managerial compensation, particularly to the role played by market-based incentives.

Riccardo has previously worked at the University of Tilburg, Netherlands, as an Assistant Professor and at the Free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, as an Associate Professor. He has published articles in various academic publications, such as the Review of Economic Studies, the Journal of Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance: An International Review and the Journal of Banking and Finance, among others.