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Professor Renata Jastrząb

Coordination Chemistry

Adam Mickiewicz University

Professor Renata Jastrząb is a Vice‐Dean of the Chemistry Faculty and Head of the Teaching Group of Inorganic Chemistry at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland.

She is a Professor in the field of Coordination Chemistry with over 15 years of experience in modeling methods (Gaussian package, HYPERQUAD program) for numerical explanations of experimental data obtained in potentiometric and spectral studies of phosphorylated derivatives of biomolecules, competitiveness of metal ions in complexation reactions with systems containing alpha and beta‐hydroxylic acids.

Renata is the co‐editor of two books and six book chapters published by DeGruyter, and has authored over 40 publications. She has supervised 12 Bachelor students, 16 Master's students, and three PhD students.