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Dr Ranadip Kundu


Jadavpur University

Ranadip Kundu completed his PhD in Engineering at Jadavpur University, India, with a thesis entitled “Study of mechanical, electrical and dielectric properties of some glass nanocomposite materials”. Previously, he was a recipient of a Senior Research Fellowship from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) of the Government of India, which ran from 2013 to 2016.

The major area of his research and interest is the study of nanomaterials. Current areas of his research include polymer nanocomposites, metal oxide glass nanocomposites, semiconductor nanocomposites, and chalcogenide materials. His research in the field of material analysis and characterization uses various spectroscopy methods to study defects, phase transitions, system behavior, electrical and dielectric properties in a wide variety of condensed matter systems, ranging from metals and alloys to complex systems such as intermetallic compounds and high temperature superconductors. Currently he is working on some oxide-based glass nanocomposite materials for electronic device applications.

Ranadip has published his research in various reputed peer-reviewed journals. He is a reviewer for some international journals such as Materials Chemistry and Physics (Elsevier) and Current Nanomaterials (Bentham Science Publishers). He is also a lifetime member of the Neutron Scattering Society of India.

Outside academia, his hobby is photography, for which he has received national and international awards from various prestigious organisations.