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Dr Raluca Levonian

Applied Linguistics

University of Bucharest

Raluca Levonian is an academic teacher and researcher specializing in Applied Linguistics, and who has been teaching Romanian as a foreign language for almost 10 years.

At present, she teaches Romanian language courses at the Centre for Romanian Studies at the University of Bucharest, Romania. Between 2010 and 2017, she was appointed by the Romanian Language Institute as a Lecturer for Romanian language in the Department of Humanities at the University of Calabria, Italy. She also worked as an Adjunct Professor (2011 – 2016) in the same department, where she took undergraduate and postgraduate courses in contemporary Romanian language, translation, history of the Romanian language, Romanian culture and civilization. She also supervised BA theses on Romanian language, literature and culture.

Raluca received two BA and two MA degrees from the University of Bucharest, where she studied Romanian Language, Communication and Cultural Anthropology. In 2009 she obtained her doctoral degree in Linguistics from the same university, with a thesis on the pragmatic analysis of literary texts. She was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the University of Bucharest in 2014 for a project based on the comparative analysis of Romanian and Italian political discourse.

She has written the monograph Comunicarea nonverbală în didascaliile din dramaturgia română [Nonverbal communication in the didascalia of Romanian theatre plays] (Editura Universității din București / University of Bucharest Publishing House, 2011). Raluca has presented papers at numerous international conferences (IPrA 2017; CADAAD 2016; “Europe in Discourse: Identity, Diversity, Borders”, Athens, 2016; “Languaging Diversity” 2016; IADA 2015 etc.). She was the main organizer of the panel Personal and collective identities in populist discourse at the 2017 IPrA conference.

Raluca has published chapters in collective volumes and various scientific articles in Romanian and international academic journals, such as: 'What does ‘emergency’ mean? Corrections in Romanian and Italian political interviews' (Language & Dialogue, 2017); 'Personal and group identity in Facebook political posts' (Philologica Jassyensia, 2016); 'Standing one’s ground: An exploratory linguistic analysis of disalignment in two Romanian political interviews' (Romània Orientale, 2016); and 'Friends and foes: The construction of national and supranational identities in contemporary Romanian public discourse' (Language & Dialogue, 2015).

She is a member of the editorial staff of the academic journals Metis. Ricerche di sociologia, psicolologia e antropologia della comunicazione [Metis. Research on the sociology, psychology and anthropology of communication] and International Journal of Family Studies / Rivista di Studi Familiari (FIR). Famiglia, Interdisciplinarità, Ricerca (Padova University Press).

Raluca is also a member of the International Pragmatics Association (IPrA), the International Association for Dialogue Analysis (IADA) and the Society for Romanian Studies (SRS). Besides foreign language teaching, her research interests include discourse analysis and pragmatics, with a special focus on political and media discourse.