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Dr Rabi Narayan Kar

International Business Management

Shyam Lal College

Rabi Narayan Kar holds a PhD from the Department of Business Economics, University of Delhi, India. He is a Senior Fellow of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and a recipient of many academic scholarships including the prestigious University Grants Commission Junior Research Fellowship. He has published four books, several book chapters, and various research papers in journals. Rabi has also completed one postdoctoral project funded by the Indian Council of Social Sciences Research (ICSSR) and a major innovation project at the University of Delhi.

Rabi's research papers have been invited for presentation at the IIM, IGIDR (RBI), the World Finance Conference, the Academy of International Business Conference (AIB), UNCTAD and UNESCAP. His collaboration with the Competition Commission of India resulted in a national symposium on ‘competition policy and competitiveness’ in 2008. In 2012, he worked on a major international research project on 'Multi National Enterprise and Sustainable Development' (MESD), leading to the organisation of the third edition of the international conference and the publication of a book. Rabi is widely travelled, and has incorporated the work of various scholars and institutions from Turkey, France, Germany, Brazil, Japan, China, the Republic of South Korea, the United Kingdom, and Finland into his research practice. His research interests are mainly within corporate strategy and M&A, sustainable development, innovation in enterprises, and international management.

Rabi is currently serving as the Principal of Shyam Lal College at the University of Delhi. In this role he has led several pioneering academic initiatives and brought about innovations for the welfare of his institution and the surrounding area. Under his leadership, the college has organised three international conferences, six national conferences, and a series of public lectures (virtual lectures) with eminent international academics. The college is also collaborating with XAMK and TUAS, Finland, on an academic exchange project.