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Dr Ra’ad Abd-Aun

Postcolonial Literature

University of Babylon

Raad Kareem Abd-Aun is an Assistant Professor and faculty member at the University of Babylon, Iraq. He was awarded a PhD in English Literature in 2011. He joined the College of Education for Human Sciences (then the College of Education) at the University of Babylon in 1995, and graduated top of his class in 1999. He was awarded the National Award in 1999 for his academic achievement. He joined the MA programme in the College of Arts at the University of Baghdad, Iraq, in 1999 and was awarded an MA in English Literature in 2001. He has published two books, several papers in Iraqi and international academic journals, a book of poems (with Professor Salih M. Hameed), and several other poems in international print and electronic journals. His main research interests are English literature, postcolonial literature and literary theory.