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Professor Peter Dimitrov


New Bulgarian University

Professor Peter A. Dimitrov was educated in the Department of Classical Philology at Sofia University “StKliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria, under the eminent scholar and epigraphist Professor Georgi Mihailov. He realized early in his career that Classics was the realm of studies that would help him understand language and culture, and as a native Bulgarian he gradually became aware of the ancient Mediterranean cultural relics that were to be found all over the country.

He then started studying the theoretical basis of modern linguistics, and after a few years he decided to specialize in Indo-European linguistics and ancient Greek and Latin epigraphy. After spending a year abroad at the École française d'Athènes and the American School of Classics in Athens (after obtaining an award from the Hellenic Government), he applied for the Fulbright Award and obtained the position of Visiting Professor at UCLA, where he started teaching Indo-European Linguistics at MA and PhD level for three years.

As epigraphy is an area which requires many years of detailed (and exhaustive) research of various matters that are closely related to theoretical and practical techniques and practice, and encouraged by his former teacher Georgi Mihailov, he became member of the International Epigraphical Association, and he directed his interest into the ancient languages and ancient culture of Anatolia, Greece and Bulgaria.

He has worked on major projects amongst which are his 2005 DLitt thesis 'The Thracian Language: Phonology and Inscriptions' and Herodotus. History. Vol.1&2. Translation, commentaries, and studies (Sofia 1986-1990; second revised edition: Sofia 2010). His book Palaeo-Balkan Vocalism (Sofia 1994) was the precursor to his project ‘Indo-European Languages and Culture’ (Sofia 2007), and his last major work, Thracian Language and Greek and Thracian Epigraphy, was published by Cambridge Scholars in 2009.

Peter is also the editor of Aristotle. On the Soul (Sofia: 1979, ed. and comm.), Herodotus. Stories, (Sofia, 1982, ed. and an introductory study), Longinus. On the Sublime (Sofia, 1985) and A.J.Toynbee. A Study of History. Translation into Bulgarian (Sofia, 1995).