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Dr Pedro Miguel Carmona-Rodríguez

Canadian Literature

Universidad de La Laguna

Pedro Miguel Carmona-Rodríguez specialises in contemporary Canadian literature and critical theory at Universidad de La Laguna, where he teaches English. He is the author of En primera persona: nación género sexual y modos autobiográficos en ocho ficciones canadienses (2005) and Discourses of Dissent: Language, Silence and Transcultural Transit in Marlene NourbeSe Philip’s Writings (2011), the only book-length monograph published as of 2018 on the work of the Canadian poet, essayist and novelist. Carmona-Rodríguez has been visiting scholar at the University of Toronto on several occasions and has participated in numerous conferences and seminars in which he has delivered papers on the intersecting fields of gender and postcolonial theory in contemporary Canadian literature. Pedro's recent research areas comprise Canadian fiction (2000-) and its junctures with fields suchas globality, diaspora, national identities and humanitarian narratives within the frames of current theoretical trends. He has recently edited the last issue of Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses: Canadian Fictions of Globality (forthcoming).