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Dr Paul Cheng

Livestock Nutrition

University of Melbourne

Dr Paul (Long) Cheng graduated from Lincoln University (New Zealand's specialist land-based university), New Zealand in 2008, with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours. In 2009 he commenced his PhD, investigating the use of nitrogen isotopic fractionation as a biomarker to indicate nitrogen use efficiency of ruminants, graduating in 2013 from Lincoln University. He then took up a part time lecturer position to teach a livestock production system course, before commencing a postdoc position with the Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust (AGMARDT), New Zealand, to investigate the use of herbs for dairy heifer production.

Paul has conducted 25 ruminant (including dairy cow, heifer, goat and sheep) research projects in Australia and New Zealand and has also collaborated with 12 institutions from seven countries (China, New Zealand, UK, Bangladesh, France, Ireland, Kenya) over the past five years. He presented his research at numerous conferences and meetings both within Australia and overseas, and has published more than 40 refereed papers, covering studies ranging from monogastric to ruminant, from nutrition to genetics, and from animal production to product quality. Paul has successfully supervised 10 scholars to complete their postgraduate degrees, visiting scholarships and internship training over the last five years as a Lecturer in Livestock Nutrition and Grazing Management and subject coordinator of Systems Biology and Animal Systems at the University of Melbourne.