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Professor Patrick J. McDaniel

Nuclear Engineering

University of New Mexico

Dr Patrick J. McDaniel earned a Bachelor of Science at the USAF Academy, an MS at CalTech, and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering at Purdue University, USA. He served on the Technical Staff for Sandia National Laboratories for 25 years and on the Technical Staff for the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) for 10 years. He led major programs in isomer triggering and low energy nuclear reactions for DARPA while at Sandia Labs. He also worked on reactor safety, oil well logging, space nuclear propulsion, and nuclear waste disposal at Sandia. He worked on enhanced trapped electrons in the radiation belts and space debris while at AFRL. He led both experimental and computational efforts during his career. He also taught graduate courses in nuclear engineering at the University of New Mexico, USA, as an Adjunct Professor for 35 years while working at Sandia and AFRL. He is currently a Research Professor at the University of New Mexico.