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Dr Pamela R. Cook

Early Childhood Education

Indiana Wesleyan University

During her undergraduate years, Dr Pamela R. Cook lived in Fort Wayne in Indiana, USA, where she completed two associate degrees in Early Childhood Education and Religious Studies. During this time, she began her first year of teaching within a private preschool programme. Soon after, she continued her Bachelor’s degree in education where she successfully obtained two teaching licenses from the State of Indiana and Michigan while teaching several years of kindergarten thru grades five and six in both states.

Pamela’s graduate school experiences took her to Indiana Wesleyan University, where she obtained a Master's degree in education, and then later she moved to Windsor in Ontario, Canada, where she began her doctoral studies at the University of Windsor. Offering an international flavor to her studies, she completed her PhD specialising in child development and educational studies. In her doctoral thesis, 'Emergent Voices from an Orphanage School in Belize, Central America', she studied the implementation of non-traditional and blended programmes of instruction within the developing world.

Between 2003 and 2016, Pamela presented her doctoral research at Oxford University, UK, endorsing Early Childhood Education and Early Literacy. Seven of those papers have been peer reviewed and subsequently published in collections pertaining to this field. She has presented several workshops at conferences including the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in Atlanta, California and Washington DC, as well as the Hawaii International Conference on Education (HICE) and ACEI in Washington DC.

Because of these professional experiences, Pamela has been instrumental in conducting and developing the Belizean International Symposium on Education, which meets annually in Belize City. This is an extraordinary opportunity for educators and students to share educational insights and to also volunteer their time and resources with those less fortunate.

Currently, Pamela is in her 10th year as part-time professor at Indiana Wesleyan University, instructing online/onsite undergraduate and graduate coursework. She has also taught undergraduate Early Childhood and Education courses at Indiana University and Washburn University, USA.

When she is not instructing, Pamela continues to facilitate her own Educational business (PRC Educational Services) where she conducts onsite school assessments, consults and mentors school administrators, educators and teachers in the field of education. She has visited schools throughout North America, Central America, Eastern and Western Europe.

As always, she enjoys bringing new educational insights from her travels as her presentations provide a goal that inspires educators and students to learn many new ways of learning from other countries..