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Oleh Ishchenko

Nuclear Physics

South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant

Oleh Petrovich Ishchenko has 12 years of working experience at the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant where a pressurized water reactor is used, and currently holds the position of control room operator. He has also held the positions of equipment operator and senior equipment operator. His responsibility is to operate a nuclear reactor and reactor equipment, and always to be ready to take any situation under control and to take care about safety.

He is currently an aspirant of Odessa Politechnical University, Ukraine, and is a member of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society at the South Ukraine NPP in which he leads the society in a scientific and educational direction. His research field focuses on the ways of improving the reliability of equipment operation at the nuclear reactor unit, including research on emergency situations at the spent fuel pool, using spent fuel assemblies when it can be extracted from the spent fuel pool, as well as the initial events of severe accidents. He has also undertaken some investigations in the field of the popularization of atomic energy.

Oleh's scientific activity not only includes theoretical research and experiments but also participation at different conferences, both national and international.