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Dr Nizar Zouidi

Renaissance Drama

Higher Institute of Sciences and Energy Technology of Gafsa

Dr Nizar Zouidi is a Lecturer of English in the Department of Education at the Higher Institute of Sciences and Energy Technology of Gafsa, Tunisia. He will shortly take up a new position at the Northern Borders University, Saudi Arabia, as Assistant Professor of English Literature.

Nizar received his PhD from the University of Manouba. Tunisia, in 2017. He is the author of a book entitled Questions of Authority: A Reading of Hamlet. He contributed a chapter entitled The Real Age of the Fox: A study in the Representation of Youth and Old Age in Volpone by Ben Jonson” in Autumnal Faces: Old Age in British and Irish Dramatic Narratives (Peter Lang, 2017). He has written a number of other academic articles including “Othello as a Tragedy of Interpretive Models” (2015), “How Events Become Things or Levinas Reads Hamlet” in Problems of Literary Genres, and “Marlowe’s Barabas as an Evil Trickster in a Machiavellian World” in East-West Cultural Passage.

He has participated in a number of conferences around the world including the British Graduate Conference (2013), the Australasian Language and Literature Conference (2014), and the Italian Association of Shakespearian and Early Modern Studies Conference (2016). A number of his conference papers have been published, including “Discursive Continuity Political Continuity: Monarchy and/as Discourse in Shakespeare's Hamlet" (2014) and “Theatricality Beyond the Stage: the Spectacular in Scenes Shakespeare Never Wrote in Hamlet, Antony and Cleopatra, Macbeth and Othello” (2016).

His main area of research is Renaissance drama, specifically the theatrical representation(s) of evil in the Early Modern period.