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Dr Nina Haritatou

Feminist Literature

Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs

Dr Nina Haritatou obtained her PhD in Philosophy in 2011 from Newcastle University, UK, writing her thesis on “The Mythisization of Women in D.H.Lawrence’s Fiction.” Her research is mainly focused on the different readings of the female presence in the work of the English author D.H.Lawrence, and in particular on the connection of the Lawrencian female characters with the Greek goddesses. Her research also focuses on other important issues like feminism and the women’s question and on the ways these issues are raised in Lawrencian fiction.

During the academic year 2010-2011, she worked as a seminar tutor at Newcastle University, where she taught modernist and post-modernist literature and poetry, as well as history of film. Since she returned to Athens, she has been working as an English instructor at primary education schools. This current year (2017-2018), she obtained a position as a Counselor on Educational Affairs at the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs of Greece.

She has been employed by the biggest literary magazine in Greece as a book reviewer, and she has been a member of the Greek Award Committee of Literary Prizes (2012-2013). She is the author of Collection of Works of English and American Literature (2013), which is being taught at Greek schools of secondary education.

Nina has also published articles in numerous scientific magazines (Australia, England, France, Greece) and for the last two years she has been organizing seminars on English romanticism and modernism for first year students of English literature at Athens University (as a special scientist). She has also been a member of the board of the Pan-Hellenic Scientific Union of English Teachers since 2014.