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Dr Neil Thompson

Renewable Energy

ITM Power

Dr Neil Thompson has undertaken award-winning research at Queensland University of Technology, Australia and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, as Adjunct Associate Professor in the field of integrated, closed-loop system design, which resulted in the development of the Integrated Sustainable Design (ISD) protocol to aid construction of low-risk and future-proofed infrastructure and urban built-form whilst providing for improved social and environmental outcomes from these facilities. Since receiving his PhD in 2016, Neil has worked as an independent consulting engineer and economist for the AEC sector in order to deploy the ISD protocol in local and international projects with particular emphasis on the use of waste streams and renewable resources to create hydrogen fuel and clean energy. His work in the field of integrated renewable hydrogen energy systems has been regularly published in the USA and Europe, leading to his recent appointment as Managing Director of ITM Power Pty Ltd. Neil is listed in the US Who’s Who publication in recognition for his work in the renewable energy sector.