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Nancy Provolt

Sociology of the Family

University of Mississippi

Nancy Provolt is currently an online course creator and instructor for universities across the United States. She earned an MA in Women and Gender Studies from Eastern Michigan University, USA, for which she received an award for academic excellence, as well as Certificates in Nonprofit Management and Entrepreneurship.

Nancy has spent the past 11 years working with various universities to add to their curriculum of Gender Studies, Sociology and American Studies. She is a contributing author to Feminism: Past, Present and Future Perspectives (2017) and is contributing to a future work titled, Disclosing Boredom: Literature, Psychology, and Philosophy (2018). She has recently presented research on boredom and literature and is working on a project exploring the impact of boredom and loneliness on the elderly as well as populations facing isolation due to chronic health conditions.

Her research interests are poverty and the impact of gender equality, education and that of social expectations in generational poverty as well as the impact of loneliness and isolation within specific communities.