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Dr Mustafa Toker


Yuzuncu Yıl University

After completing his elementary, middle and high school education in Kırşehir, Turkey, Mustafa Toker obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Geophysics from Yıldız Technical University's Department of Geophysical Engineering in 1996. He received his Master’s degree from the Division of Marine Geology and Geophysics (Erdemli/Mersin) at the Institute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University, Turkey, in 2003, before receiving his PhD from the Eurasian Institute of Earth Sciences at Istanbul Technical University in 2011.

Mustafa has been working as an Assistant Professor at Yuzuncu Yıl University in Van, Turkey, since 2013 and completed his postdoctoral research at the University of Oulu, Finland, between 2015 and 2016. He has published research papers in various academic journals in English and Turkish on his primary research interests, which include tectonics, active deformation, structural development, faulting and faults, statistical seismology, and seismotectonics. He teaches courses on an introduction to seismology and the physics of earthquakes.