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Dr Miloš Zapletal


Czech Academy of Sciences

Dr Miloš Zapletal is a musicologist and cultural historian. He currently works as a researcher at the Department of Music History of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. He studied musicology (Bc. 2011, Mgr. 2013) and film studies (Bc. 2012) at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, where he also submitted his PhD thesis in 2017.

His publications deal with the history of Czech musical culture (1870–1939), music analysis and semiotics, reception studies, and methodologies of humanities. Recently, he has been completing a monograph on the history of Janáček reception (1872–1889) and is preparing a comparative analytical volume on the “civilist” tendencies in Czech music and culture of the interwar era. He contributed to the collective monograph Nationality vs Universality: Musical Historiographies in Central and Easter Europe (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016) with his study on the Czech musical-historiographical conceptions.

Also, he is a co-author of five collective monographs on film history (Staré pověsti české; Ostře sledované vlaky; Hoří, má panenko: Barevná komedie, v níž se tancuje, krade a hasí) and the cultural history of the 20th century Czech lands (Co bylo Československo? Násilí: jiná moderna). He has published several articles in peer-review journals, including: Apoteóza Sokola, armády a nového člověka: rané recepce Janáčkovy Sinfonietty. Hudební věda 53, 2016; Martyrdom and Moral Perfection: Zdeněk Nejedlý's Conception of the Great Czech Composer. Musicologica Istropolitana 12, 2016; Proměny a konstanty Helfertova psaní o Janáčkovi. Musicologica Brunensia 50, 2016; Sport a česká meziválečná hudba: úvod do problematiky. Opus musicum 48, 2016; and Akordické paralelismy a jejich funkce v Ostrčilově opeře Poupě. Hudební věda 52, 2015.

He has participated in several international conferences (Musical culture/s of the Habsburg Monarchy and its successors states; Nineteenth-Century Programme Music; Music Criticism 1900–1950; ICMS; Musical Gesture as Creative Interface; TCPM; KeeleMAC 2015; Pavel Haas Study Day; Sounding Czech; Gewalt und die “andere Moderne”) and attended two musicological summer-schools in the UK (Keele and Oxford). In 2016, he organized the international conference Young Musicology Prague: Czech and European Avant-garde Music of the Early 20th Century.