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Dr Michel Kobelinski


State University of Paraná

Dr Michel Kobelinski (PhD in History) is currently Assistant Professor at the State University of Paraná, Brazil, and coordinates the university's Culture & Sensibilities Research Group. He has also carried out research in anthropology and museology at Copel Hydroelectric Power, and participated in the acquisition of items for the Anthropological Collection of the Iguaçu Regional Museum (House of the Riverside Exhibition). He is the Chief of the Editorial Committee of the academic journal Teaching & Research: Degree and Teacher Training and a member of the Editorial Advisory Group of CRV Publishing. His research focuses on history and cuture, and sensivities and nature, with particular regard to urban heritage and places of memory.

His publications include several edited books, chapters of books and articles in various academic journals: Ufanismo e ressentimento: de Minas Gerais aos Sertões de São Paulo (século XVIII); Escritos sobre história; Novas sensibilidades na América Latina: ensaios de história e literatura; La recepción y la extensión de la obra literaria de Bernardino de Saint-Pierre: Brasil y Colombia, siglos XVIII-XXI; The inventory of botanical curiosities in Pierre-François-Xavier de Charlevoix’s Nouvelle France (1744); Negation and exaltation of the sertanistas of São Paulo in the discurses of Pierre-François-Xavier de Charlevoix, D. José Vaissette an Gaspar da Madre de Deus (1756-1774); An Analysis of Luso-Brazilian Religiosity in the Eighteenth Century from the Psychosocial Perspective of Rudolf Otto; Languages of the Iguaçu Regional Museum and the new museology (2000-2015).