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Dr Martha Lampropoulou

Cognitive Linguistics

University of Belgrade

Dr Martha Lampropoulou received her BA in English Language and Literature from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She also holds a Master Degree in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics and a PhD in Cognitive Linguistics from the same university.

Her interests lie in the field of Cognitive Linguistics and Figurative Language, Semantics and Pragmatics, Morphology and Language Learning. Her doctoral research focuses on the cognitive process of metonymy and metaphor, and the way the aforementioned facilitate the acquisition of grammatical phenomena, more specifically the word formation process of derivation. In her PhD, Martha examined the historical course of five suffixes in English - -ify, -ize, -dom, -hood and -ship - and she conducted research over non-words formed with the aforementioned specific suffixes by means of a questionnaire given to three different groups of English learners: German, Czech and Greek University students. The questionnaire examined how non-native speakers of English perceive proposed figurative and non-figurative meanings of non-words.

Martha's work experience involves working as an English teacher for several years in private language centers and vocational training schools in Greece, as well as being a teaching assistant (TA) for first year students at the School of English at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

At the moment, she works as a Lecturer in the Department of Modern Greek Studies at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Her current position entails courses in Applied Linguistics, i.e. Greek as a Foreign Language.