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Dr Mariappan Rajan

Materials Science

Madurai Kamaraj University

Dr Mariappan Rajan is broadly concerned with the synthesis of polymer scaffolds, hydrogels, and nanocomposites for the delivery of drugs to facilitate wound healing and growth, and the development of bone, teeth, joints and related soft and hard tissue engineering biomaterials. Currently, his lab is interested in two main subject areas: firstly, the design of a novel drug delivery system for targeted and controlled drug delivery; and secondly, the design of bone and dental artificial implant materials such as synthetic bio-ceramics (HAP, CaCO3), polymer reinforced bio-ceramics, and mineral substituted bio-ceramics in a nanocomposite form. Mariappan has 50 international publications to his credit, and as well as further publications in the pipeline he is also handling various projects, and is supervising eight PhD students, one MPhil student, and two MSc students at Madurai Kamaraj University, India. He also has extensive international research collaborations with researchers in Taiwan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Italy, and India.