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Professor Maria Luisa Ardizzone

Medieval Intellectual History

New York University

Maria Luisa Ardizzone holds a doctoral degree in Medieval Studies, and is currently Professor of Italian Literature at New York University, NY. She studied medieval palaeography, literature, and history at the University of Palermo, Italy, and 20th century literature at the Sorbonne in Paris. Her principal areas of interest are the Middle Ages, poetry, intellectual history, medieval philosophy, science, and 20th century poetry.

As a scholar of medieval intellectual history, Maria Luisa rereads vernacular texts from the 13th-14th century in the light of the classical and medieval Latin traditions and their multicultural background, attempting to evaluate lines of thought or meanings lost or not yet adequately confronted.

Her publications include Reading as the Angels Read. Speculation and Politics in Dante’ s Banquet (2016); Dante:il paradigma Intellettuale. Un’inventio degli anni fiorentini (2011); Guido Cavalcanti: The Other Middle Ages (2002), Guido Cavalcanti. L’altro medioevo (2006, translation); Machine Art and Other Writings: The Lost Thought of the Italian Years (1996); Maschinen Kunst: Das verlorene Denken der Italienischen Jahre (2005, translation); Sztuka Maszyny I Inne Pisma. Zagubione pisma z lat włoskich (2003, translation); and Ezra Pound e la scienza. Scritti inediti o rari (1987).