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Dr Lyes Douadji

Mechanical Engineering

Chongqing Institute of Green & Intelligent Technology

Dr Lyes Douadji has a PHD in Energenetics and Process Engineering from ENASM of Paris and in Mechanical Engineering from University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB). Currently, he is a research fellow in the Intelligent Industrial Design Center; Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. During 2014-2017, Lyes was working as researcher in Chongqing Research Center for Advanced Materials, Chongqing Academy of Science and Technology after Head of Department of Polymers and Polymer Composites. 2007-2011, He was working as Associate Professor at University of Boumerdes, Algeria.

Lyes’ research focuses on auto parts with lightweight structures, civil engineering using composites with polymer matrix (like thermoset and thermoplastic), two types of fibers (glass and carbon), microwave processing and intelligent design.