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Dr Luca Camilli

Surface Science

Danish Technical University

Luca Camilli is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology at the Danish Technical University (Denmark), where he is the leader of the Surface and Interface Science and Technology group.

He obtained his master's degree in Materials Science and Technology from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (Italy), where he also obtained his PhD in Physics. After his postdoctoral studies at Brookhaven National Laboratory and at the Danish Technical University (as a Marie Skłodowska Curie fellow), he became Assistant Professor in 2018.

His research interests encompass surface science and materials with low dimensionality. In particular, he has worked with carbon nanotubes during his PhD, while he studied two-dimensional materials during his postdoctoral studies, when he focused on the electronic properties of graphene, hexagonal boron nitride and their hetero-structures. Currently, he is working on mono-elemental two-dimensional materials beyond graphene (such as, silicene and germanene), and on Ge-based layered materials.

Luca serves as a reviewer for many journals in the field of physics and materials science. He is also an active member of the Marie Curie Alumni Association. Currently, he is a recipient of the Villum Young Investigator grant, given by the Velux Foundation.