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Professor Linda Daniela

Smart Education

University of Latvia

Linda Daniela, Dr.paed., is Professor and Senior Researcher at the University of Latvia, Chair of the Council for Promotion in Pedagogy at the University of Latvia, Head of the Scientific Institute of Pedagogy, and Expert of Education in the Republic of Latvia's Council of Sciences. Her research interests include virtual education, smart education, educational technologies for learning, educational robotics, educational processes and solutions for reducing social exclusion from the educational processes.

She is an author and co-author of publications about processes in all dimensions of education. She has been involved in several projects including “Printed audio-learning materials for early childhood education”, “Robotics-based  learning interventions for preventing school failure and Early School Leaving”, “Young children (0-8) and Digital technology”, The creation and implementation of support programs for the youth at the risk of being subjected to social exclusion. The creation of a support system”, “Innovative and practice-based teachers' education and professional development of mentors”, “Competencies of next generation teachers for innovative education”, “Meaningful homework assignments”, and “Ensuring School Success in Leipzig and Riga”.

Linda has also been involved in the development of Guidelines for reducing early school leaving, and the implementation of preventive interventions; Guidelines to increase inclusion of SEA non-registered NEETs and foster their inclusion in education and/or employment, and Guidelines for the implementation of inclusive education of teachers in educationShe is the editor and co-editor of several books and journals, and is a scientific adviser for Doctoral and Master's theses.