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Dr Lhoussain Simour

Postcolonial Literature

University Hassan II Casablanca

Dr Lhoussain Simour is Assistant Professor of English and Cultural Studies at University Hassan II Casablanca, Morocco. He has a PhD in cultural studies from the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fez, Morocco. His research interests centre around cultural studies, colonial discourse analysis, performance studies, and postcolonial literature.

He has published articles on cultural encounters in international journals, which include “The White Lady Travels: Narrating Fez and Spacing Colonial Authority in Edith Wharton’s In Morocco” in Hawwa: Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World (2009); “Migration to Dreamland and the Construction of postcolonial counter discourse” in Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication (2010); “The Sexually Enthralling Other: Oriental Weddings in Performance and American Erotics of the Brown Threat” in The Journal of North African Studies (2012).

He has also recently published two monographs titled Recollecting History beyond Borders: Captives, Acrobats, Dancers and the Moroccan-American Narrative of Encounters (2014) and Larbi Batma, Nass el Ghiwane and Postcolonial Music in Morocco (2016).