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Professor Laura Rodríguez Raurell


University of Barcelona

Laura Rodríguez Raurell is Associate Professor in the Inorganic and Organic Chemistry Department at University of Barcelona, Spain, and head of the Supra and Nanostructures Systems research group.

The main research topic of the research group is based on the synthesis and characterization of new supramolecular systems, most of them based on Au(I). These atoms have the particular property of being able to establish Au(I)···Au(I) interactions, giving rise to the formation of very large supramolecular aggregates. Laura's group is interested in systems that display luminescence and, in recent years, those that are mainly soluble in water.

Laura has published around 70 publications in high impact factor journals and presented the results in different international and national conferences as an invited speaker, giving oral presentations. Additionally, she has been invited to present seminars at various universities both in Spain and abroad.

Her research group is involved in different national and international projects as well as in Erasmus programs designed to connect student research groups at the University of Barcelona with other European universities. Postdocs, PhD candidates, postgraduates and undergraduate students form the main part of the team.

Laura has been (and continues to be) involved in different management activities at the University of Barcelona's Faculty of Chemistry. She was previously a member of the Department's direction team and member of the Faculty's Quality Committee, and is currently Vice Dean of the Faculty.