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Dr Kumarsamy Suresh


MGR College

Kumarsamy Suresh is currently working at MGR College, Periyar University, India. His main research interest is the study biological aspects of microbial synthesis and yeast as model systems. There are two important issues in the next generation development of bioprocess. One is the replacement of chemical processes with bioprocesses while considering the preservation of the environment and the conservation of energy. The other is the development of novel industrial processes by maximizing the use of precursors. The optically active 3-chloro-1,2-propanediol is a useful intermediate for synthesizing a variety of drugs and optically active compounds having physiological activity through biotransformation. In response to these challenges, Kumarysamy's lab is currently researching the microbial conversion of optically active monochlorohydrin for synthesis of guaifenesin act as an expectorant in cough remedy. His work also focuses on yeast biology, and his lab has led the way in this field of research.