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Dr Kristian Pollock

Health Science


Kristian Pollock is a Principal Research Fellow in the Nottingham Centre for the Advancement of Research into the Study of Supportive, Palliative and End-of-Life Care (NCARE). She studied social anthropology at the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge, and completed a PGCHE at Keele University, UK, in 2007.

She has carried out qualitative research in a wide range of health service settings, often involving sensitive topics and vulnerable populations, and has experience of undertaking observation, interviews, focus groups, and case studies as well as mixed methods research. Kristian has a particular interest in qualitative research ethics. She has experience as a member of a UK NHS REC and is currently Research Ethics Officer for the School of Health Sciences at Nottingham University.

Kristian has a long-standing interest in patient and public understanding and experience of health and illness. This includes the construction and management of personal identity, how knowledge is used as a resource in coping with serious illness, and how the different kinds of knowledge held by patients and professionals are communicated in the course of medical consultations.

Kristian's current position within the NCARE Research Group involves the application of her research interests to the study of patient experiences and communication about cancer, dementia, Advance Care Planning, end-of-life care, and death and dying.