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Dr Juan F. Elices

English Literature

University of Alcalá

Dr Juan F. Elices is Senior Lecturer of English Literature and Director of the Language Centre at the University of Alcalá, Spain. He has conducted extensive research on the theory of satire, dystopia, alternate history and censorship. His publications include El realismo mágico en lengua inglesa: tres ensayos (in collaboration with Fernando Galván and José Santiago Fernández; Alcalá de Henares, 2001), Historical and Theoretical Approaches to English Satire (Munich, 2004) and The Satiric Worlds of William Boyd: A Case Study (Bern & New York, 2006) and a number of scholarly articles on authors such as George Orwell, Robert McLiam Wilson, Julian Barnes, Steven Barnes, Walter Mosley and Ian Fleming. His current research interests focus on the sociological and literary manifestations of the Irish economic boom and on the Irish dysfunctional family.