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Dr John Tredinnick-Rowe

Healthcare Marketing

University of Plymouth

Dr John Tredinnick-Rowe is a post-doctoral research associate in the Faculty of Health and Human Sciences at the University of Plymouth, UK. He has a research background which has focused on the qualitative aspects of medical education, assessment, policy analysis and health service research, specialising in the creation of innovation models for NHS contractors in the environmental human health sector.

He has worked on UK policy evaluations projects funded by the GMC and Department of Health, which concerned the evaluation of new professional regulations for UK doctors and involved working with six other UK HE institutions. John also has post-doctoral experience in designing health metrics (physical and psychological), in addition to medical education and policy topics.

His PhD from the University of Exeter was in positional marketing in health-related products and services, and he also maintains an interest in marketing semiotics (with one such article published in the International Journal of Marketing Semiotics in 2017). Due to his health services research background, John is interested in healthcare marketing and the social science aspects of the subject.

In addition to his primary role at the University of Plymouth, John holds an honorary research associate position at the University of Exeter Medical School.