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Dr Jenny Ng

Communication Technology

Charles Darwin University

Dr Jenny Ng specialises in Internet related areas such as Intellectual Property Law, Communications Law, Information Technology Law, International Law and eCommerce Law. The areas in Communications studies that she delves in are usually related to Entertainment Law, Privacy Law and Media Law.

Jenny has been admitted as a lawyer at the Supreme Court of New South Wales. She is a lecturer who has more than 10 years of research and teaching experience. Her doctoral research in domain names has won a research paper prize in a leading Australian University and an Australian grant. In 2012, she published her doctoral thesis as a monograph with Routledge, Taylor & Francis (UK). This monograph was republished as a paperback edition in 2014. She has taught both English Law and Australian Law in several countries.

In 2014, Jenny was appointed as one of the seven ambassadors who helped lead discussions at the Australian Internet Governance Forum (auIGF) in Melbourne, which was held as a pre-cursor to the United Nations' global Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul, Turkey. As an auIGF ambassador, Jenny contributed to the outcomes of domestic discussions and reported on the outcomes in Turkey. Jenny served as part of the Australian delegation at both forums in Melbourne and Turkey.