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Dr Jacob John

Development Planning


Dr Jacob John holds a PhD in economics and an MBA in finance and marketing. He has over 30 years of experience as an economist and social scientist in India and abroad. He is an institution builder and a development specialist. Currently, he is the President of KDS-Delhi, a socio-economic research organization and an Indian Centre for Development. He has a long working experience with UN systems in India and abroad, as well as government and private sector organisations in India.

Jacob has executed a large number development projects in various parts of India, mostly in partnership with different ministries of the government of India, state governments, and district administrations. These projects pertain to technical support programmes for institutions, research studies and training programmes. He has wide experience in the formulation and execution of development programmes using participatory development approaches.

He has served with various international organisations including UNIDO, UNDP  and  ILO  as an expert on different assignments in the development sector. Jacob has carried out over 350 development projects including evaluation studies, impact assessment studies, baseline surveys and need assessment studies. These have been sponsored by various governmental ministries and institutions and departments of state governments, UNIDO,  UNDP, the World Bank and the International Labour Organization.

Jacob is on the board of various educational and professional organizations. He has served as a member of various expert committees of the government of India. He has provided technical support to various government and private public sector organizations for their organizational growth and diversification.

He has published many books and articles in the areas of development planning and policy. He has authored and co-authored eight books, including three published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. He has also written several articles, working papers and study reports on various development issues.