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Dr Irina Perianova

Discourse Analysis

University of National and World Economy

Dr Irina Perianova has a PhD in linguistics from Moscow State Linguistic University, Russia, and a long career as an academic, interpreter and translator. She has taught intercultural communication and business English at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria, for more than 28 years and is a recipient of several international grants and awards.

As an award winner of the Faculty Research Grant (FRP) from the International Council for Canadian Studies in 2007, she spent several months in Canada, including at York University in Toronto. Her book, The Polyphony of Food. Food through the Prism of Maslow’s Pyramid, published by Cambridge Scholars, became Book of the Month in 2013. She is a member of the Executive Board of the Bulgarian chapter of the ESSE (European Society for the Study for English), the Editing Board of Foreign Language Teaching magazine, as well as other organizations, and has taken part in EU academic exchange programmes.

Irina’s interests cover interdisciplinary areas ranging from discourse analysis, sociolinguistics and intercultural communication to pragmatics, cultural and linguistic anthropology and culinary linguistics. She has more than 70 publications in these areas in different languages and took part in a great number of international conferences dedicated to these fields, often as a keynote speaker. In addition, she has co-authored several textbooks.