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Dr Ignacio López-Paniagua

Engineering Thermodynamics

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Ignacio López-Paniagua is currently Assistant Professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain, where he teaches engineering thermodynamics at undergraduate and graduate levels. He has also designed and coordinated courses in thermodynamics for industry.

His research is focused on energy and exergy optimization of industrial processes and elements, gas liquefaction cycles, conventional electricity generation plants, solar-thermal plants and hybrid fossil-solar plants. He has collaborated with industrial partners in improving the design and modelling of elements such as firetube boilers, as well as in the basic engineering of processes such as boil-off gas reliquefaction for natural gas plants.

Ignacio has carried out in-depth thermodynamical analyses of operating conditions and a range of operations on existing industrial processes (such as nitrogen liquefaction facilities). Within the educational dimension of his career, he has directed a number of projects for analysing, diagnosing, designing and building laboratory equipment (jet engines, heat pumps, etc.). He devotes a significant effort to developing new teaching methods and student advising, and has participated in a number of projects of educational innovation.

Prior to thermodynamics, his research focused on artificial intelligence, with particular regard to cognitive architectures and perception applied to autonomous systems.