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Dr Ichrak Jaouadi

Plant Physiology

El Manar University

Dr Ichrak Jaouadi is a lecturer in Biology and a researcher in the Laboratory of Biotechnology, Biodiversity and Weather Change, in the Department of Bology at El Manar University, Tunisia. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences in 2001 from El Manar University, before obtaining her Master's degree in Plant Ecophysiology in 2004 and her PhD degree in Molecular Biology in 2017.

Her Master's degree research was conducted at the National Research Institute of Rural Engineering, Water and Forests (INRGREF), where she was assigned different duties that included conducting experiments on the various plants and their tolerance to salt stress, studying the life functions of plants, and carrying out various experiments in building tissues for living organisms.

In her thesis work, Ichrak focused on the use of some Tunisian endemic medicinal plants. She participated in two practical training courses in the molecular laboratory at Sabançi University, Istanbul, Turkey, where she worked on the extraction of the DNA of the Artemisia species.

She also had the opportunity to visit the Faculty of Sciences at Anadolu University, Turkey, where she carried out research work on active molecules extracted from medicinal plants and their effect on various bacterium fungi and tissue culture, and also conducted part of her research at the Pasteur Institute of Tunis where she obtained good results on the action of essential oils against the haemolytic and toxic effects of snake venom.

Ichrak continues to conduct research on the same areas, and to date has three publications to her credit with two further manuscripts currently in press.